New Update for Look&Cook – Hebrew, Facebook Sharing and Most Important On Sale for 1.99$

1We are excited to announce a new major update on itunes of Look&Cook Full Edition and Look&Cook Free Taste. In the new version we have added full support for hebrew so in the same app you get both the english version and the hebrew version as well. In one click you can switch languages which also changes units, measurements, pictures and more..

4Another cool feature we added is facebook sharing where you can share every image in the book, yes, every image with your friends on facebook. We are in love with the pictures in the book and we love to brag about them on facebook and we thought you would enjoy it too:) Look for the facebook symbol on every image! Once click and the whole world knows:)

For the holidays season (Passover) and to celebrate our new “Hebrew” release we are putting our app on sale for just 1.99$, it will be on sale only until the end of the month so hurry up!


Kinetic Art Team

Look & Cook at the Roger Smith Cookbook Conference

The Roger Smith Cookbook Conference took place in NYC this past weekend (7-9 February), bringing together cookbook authors, publishers, bloggers and scholars to explore some of the central themes in food studies and cookbook publishing. Passionate debates around the role of children’s cookbooks and the meaning of “authentic” ethnic cuisine were offered side-by-side with practical and informative panels on cookbooks and recipes in the digital age. Topics like copyrights and recipe scraping and the difference between ebooks and apps were explained thorough panels with representatives straddling the food and technology divide. Cookstr, Eat Your Books, Food52 and Vook are just a few of the representatives from the digital world.  Look & Cook was proud to take part in a panel on App Development and Marketing with Kim Grant (of Sutro and Mobile Skillet and cookbook author Monica Bhide (creator of iSpice app). The full panel (and seven other panels from the conference) is available on

Food+Tech Meetup Launches 2013 Cookbook Conference

The Roger Smith Cookbook Conference began officially yesterday (Thursday) at the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC, but on Wednesday evening a number of conference participants joined the Food+Tech Meetup group (organized by Danielle Gould of Food+Tech Connect and Holley Atkinson of Slow Food) to hear presentations about different approaches and solutions to cooking and recipes in the digital age. Kinetic Art was proud to present its step-by-step recipe platform and its first product Look & Cook: Meir Adoni, and illustrate our approach to energizing the cookbook medium by brining together all the things we value in printed cookbooks with the cool functional solutions offered by iPad Technology.

Other presenters were @CookingPlanit, which offers a tool for organizing the cooking process from shopping to the timing of every dish; @EatYourBooks, providing a great digital solution for accessing and navigating all the printed and on-line recipes in your personal collection; @EdamamCo,  an optimized recipe search engine; @ValerieRose representing Feastie Analytics, which offers food companies detailed analysis of food bloggers’ focus and reach in order to make sponsorships more effective and better targeted; and @GlobalKitchenNY, promoting small immigrant-owned food businesses, and offering cooking classes, recipes and sources for a variety of ethinc ingredients.


Food + Tech Connect’s Hacking Meat Inspires New Ideas

Following the Meat Hackathon in December, Food+Tech Connect is sharing exciting new ideas on how to use technology to change the future of meat. Check out these stories and join the conversation:

Food+Tech Meetup Explores Food E-Commerce

The Food+Tech Meetup group was created with the understanding that “technology can do a lot to address the challenges in our food system.” Last night, they came together to hear presentations from several innovative companies attempting to re-imagine and harness the world of food e-commerce. That market, according to presenter David Bloom, CEO of, is greatly under-utilized. is trying to revolutionize the way restaurants and their customers connect and do business on-line. They want to change the restaurant industry. Blue Apron, the second company presenting, is trying to combine recipes and grocery shopping through a service that brings ingredients to your door in specific, portion-controlled quantities that are “just right,” while the final presenter ChopChopGo (in beta stage) consolidates recipes, meal-planning, and grocery shopping in one streamlined, cleanly-designed on-line space.

The three presentations were inspiring in their exploration of new ways technology and the food business intersect and in their aspiration to create a better user-experience and an easier time for people that wish to cook at home.


First iPad Cooking App Designed for Use on Kitchen Counter

Gnocchi/ Credit: Dan Peretz

Transforming cookbooks into a visually stunning iPad experience, start-up company Kinetic Art presents a groundbreaking platform in the culinary app world. The company’s first published product based on this platform is Look & Cook, which presents recipes in incredibly detailed step-by-step images through an unprecedented number of HD photographs and short videos, just like a private lesson with the chef himself.