New Update for Look&Cook – Hebrew, Facebook Sharing and Most Important On Sale for 1.99$

1We are excited to announce a new major update on itunes of Look&Cook Full Edition and Look&Cook Free Taste. In the new version we have added full support for hebrew so in the same app you get both the english version and the hebrew version as well. In one click you can switch languages which also changes units, measurements, pictures and more..

4Another cool feature we added is facebook sharing where you can share every image in the book, yes, every image with your friends on facebook. We are in love with the pictures in the book and we love to brag about them on facebook and we thought you would enjoy it too:) Look for the facebook symbol on every image! Once click and the whole world knows:)

For the holidays season (Passover) and to celebrate our new “Hebrew” release we are putting our app on sale for just 1.99$, it will be on sale only until the end of the month so hurry up!


Kinetic Art Team

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We are getting great coverage on Israeli major newspapers:

We are flattered and happy:) Big Thank You!!

THE FUTURE OF COOKBOOKS, Kinetic Art’s recipe platform launch

Last night Kinetic Art celebrated the launch of our new recipe platform with some delicious food and drink [courtesy of Taboon restaurant (NYC) and Lighthouse (Bklyn)], and a great panel on the future of cookbooks. Kara Rota (Director, Editorial & Partnerships, Cookstr), Will Turnage (Developer at R/GA) and Jonathan Milder (Research Librarian, Food Network) joined Yael Raviv, Kinetic Art’s Marketing Director, in a conversation on the exciting developments at the intersection of recipes and technology.

Reflecting on current trends and imagining what the future might hold, the panel touched on different approaches to bringing together cookbooks and technology like Turnage’s Ratio app or an app streamlining the process of hosting a dinner-party, Cookstr’s mission to index and facilitate the use of existing cookbook recipes through a digital platform, and Kinetic Art’s step-by-step, visually striking, recipe platform. All of them are trying to find a balance between the unique voice and authority of a cookbook author, the inspiration cookbooks offer, and the pleasure of sharing a meal, with the advantages and new frontiers that today’s digital platforms offer.


First iPad Cooking App Designed for Use on Kitchen Counter

Gnocchi/ Credit: Dan Peretz

Transforming cookbooks into a visually stunning iPad experience, start-up company Kinetic Art presents a groundbreaking platform in the culinary app world. The company’s first published product based on this platform is Look & Cook, which presents recipes in incredibly detailed step-by-step images through an unprecedented number of HD photographs and short videos, just like a private lesson with the chef himself.

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We are An Israeli based startup, established in 2010. Our main product is a digital platform for creating smart and beautiful iPad cookbook apps. Our platform combines the best of two worlds: the up-close-and-personal visual detail of the cooking television show with the handy, beloved printed cookbook. Our goal is to perfect the ultimate platform for a variety of both old and new culinary contents for chefs, publishers, and bloggers.

We have just released our first App with Chef Meir Adoni. It is available for download in Lite-Free version or Full Version.