The New Look&Cook for iPhone just Launched!

Yesterday Kinetic Art launched a new version of the popular Look&cook app for iPhone. The new version is not only the most beautiful app you are likely encounter, but it has some great new additions like Integrated Shopping and live updates from the cloud.


Look&Cook is loaded with delicious and innovative step-by-step recipes, stunning photography and cool features like built-in timers and voice activation, but the new version adds a great Shop experience, allowing you to combine two of your favorite activities: cooking and shopping.


Every recipe is followed by a curated selection of kitchen tools and products that complement it. You can find the right tool to give your recipe that professional touch, or browse a selection of Amazon kitchen products, hand-selected for the perfect combination of design and function.


We are really excited to have Look&Cook versions available now for every platform: iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. The small footprint (15MB) packs an unexpected wealth of images and videos, inspiring recipes and easy access to all the tools you need to create them.