THE FUTURE OF COOKBOOKS, Kinetic Art’s recipe platform launch

Last night Kinetic Art celebrated the launch of our new recipe platform with some delicious food and drink [courtesy of Taboon restaurant (NYC) and Lighthouse (Bklyn)], and a great panel on the future of cookbooks. Kara Rota (Director, Editorial & Partnerships, Cookstr), Will Turnage (Developer at R/GA) and Jonathan Milder (Research Librarian, Food Network) joined Yael Raviv, Kinetic Art’s Marketing Director, in a conversation on the exciting developments at the intersection of recipes and technology.

Reflecting on current trends and imagining what the future might hold, the panel touched on different approaches to bringing together cookbooks and technology like Turnage’s Ratio app or an app streamlining the process of hosting a dinner-party, Cookstr’s mission to index and facilitate the use of existing cookbook recipes through a digital platform, and Kinetic Art’s step-by-step, visually striking, recipe platform. All of them are trying to find a balance between the unique voice and authority of a cookbook author, the inspiration cookbooks offer, and the pleasure of sharing a meal, with the advantages and new frontiers that today’s digital platforms offer.